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About Us – Al-Zahaa Association for Environmental Development
Iraq – Erbil – English Village
Saturday - Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00

Al-Zahaa Association for Environmental Development

Al-Zahaa Association for Environmental Development is one of the NGOs concerned with environmental issues. It works in accordance with its internal regulations which do not contradict the environmental laws, rules, and legislation. It ensures respect for cultural diversity, values, and world heritage, and endeavors to preserve it with all partners such as organizations, educational institutions, the local and international community and working together as a team. The society is committed to the highest ethical principles, integrity, transparency, and interest in the spirit of initiative and encouraging it to reach the highest levels to ensure that contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Al-Zahaa Association for Environmental Development will continue its active contribution to progress towards a better environment by providing the best services in the field of environmental awareness, addressing environmental pollution cases and developing scientific and research capacities through the establishment of courses, seminars, workshops with local and international effective partnerships to promote and disseminate environmental knowledge among civil society and other community groups.